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About the Blog

Hi everybody! Welcome to the Poptropica Fun Zone, PFZ for short! This blog was created May 23, 2016. This blog was founded on the basis of providing people with up to date Poptropica news and fun Poptropica related activities. We even have an overview of Poptropica news straight from Poptropica's social media, so you can find news faster!

Who is this person that provides you with Poptropica news and activities? Who is the one that provided you with this blog? It's your PFZ author Hyper Gamer!

Who is Hyper Gamer? He is a kid named Ryan. He run the PFZ in hope of bringing joy to many many many Poptropica players. The blog was created since he didn't find other blogs to work in. Now for some fun facts: he likes the color red, he likes bunnies, he plays the drums and the piano, he lives in Maryland but was born in Taiwan, he's favorite Poptropica characters are Dr. Hare and Omegon.

If you ever want to guest post on this blog or have any suggestions, I'm sure Hyper Gamer would be happy to hear you!

Hyper Gamer would like to take this time to thank some community members who have helped with his blog!