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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

POP SIX: Mini-games

Hi everyone. I am writing a new type of post I have never made before. Today, I will be talking about the best mini-games (by island) you can play. These mini-games require getting to a certain part of the island before you can play it. The mini-games below are ones that you can play even after you have completed the island.

#6 Wimpy Boardwalk

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wimpy Boardwalk: Himalayan Hurl, Fastball Fury, Circus Soaker, Space Fling, and Pirate Panic. These mini-games are fun, but they aren't available to everyone. These set of mini-games are somewhat of a challenge but isn't really that hard. In order to access these games, you have to be a member. Not sure, but there is a possibility if you're a non-member who has tokens you can access these games.

#5 Wild West

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wild West: Slap-Jack, Shooting Contest, Spit-N-Time, and Slots. These games are similar to those on Wimpy Wonderland. These games, except slots, are multiplayer, and the other opponent is a computer. This makes for more of a challenge as you have someone to compete with.

#4 Wimpy Wonderland

There are two mini-games you can play on Wimpy Wonderland: Twisted Wizard, and Bingo. Bingo is only available for members. Twisted Wizard is available for anybody that has completed Wimpy Wonderland. Personally, I think Twisted Wizard is a really fun game that you can play on any non-SUI island once you unlock it. Bingo is also a fun game but takes some concentration. Twisted Wizard is what really brought this island to fourth.

#3 Game Show

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Game Show: Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrific Challenge, Kerplunk, Spin for Riches, Scardy Pants, and Brainiacs. These games are a mix of games based on skill in doing challenges and games that use knowledge. The knowledge-based games tend to repeat questions, but the skill-based games have challenges that you can play over and over.

#2 Poptropicon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert

Mighty Action Force Card Game is the only mini-game available in Poptropicon. The MAF Card game is super fun. It is a game I keep going back to play. You even have the option to change your deck with the cards you found so you can make it better. There are two people you can choose from to battle. The game is simple and very easy access from the end of the episode.

#1 Reality T.V.

There are many mini-games you can play on Reality T.V.: Balanced Diet, Boulder Push, Coconut Catch, Geyser Guess, Hang Glider, Knockout, Mountain Race, On the Line, Pole Climb, Shot Put, Shuffleboard, Totem Hop, Turtle Shell Toss, and Water Run. What makes Reality T.V. better then the other is that some of the games are actually harder to win. You can even get kicked out, putting a second layer of hardness to the mini-game. They are randomized and you only play up to seven of the mini-games at a time. Also completing only the game show portion multiple times is shown on your medallion card.

That's all for today with my first ever POP(top) 6 post. Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


  1. I remember being stuck on spin for riches for so dang long then finally beating it in 2012