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Sunday, December 4, 2016

December's Islands of the Month & Caption Corner

Hi everyone!  I am here to tell you about December's Islands of the Month! This month, the creators decided to choose Wimpy Wonderland and PoptropiCon.

Go and complete these islands! Note if this is your first time completing any one of these islands, you will get 500 credits. If you replay and complete any one of these island, you will get 300 credits. As a bonus, since PoptropiCon is a multi-episode island with three episodes, you get 500 or 300 credits per episode for a total of 1,500 or 900 credits. Also to celebrate for this month, Wimpy Wonderland has been opened to everyone just for this month.  If you need help with these islands, below are the video walkthroughs provided by creator Captain Crawfish. On the left is the walkthrough for Wimpy Wonderland and on the right is a playlist of the walkthrough for all three PoptropiCon islands.

Also, since it is a new month, it's time for a new image for Caption Corner! This moth the image you are to make a caption for is...

Also, don't forget to visit the Caption Corner page to see the captions for last month!

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

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