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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Name That Island Round 5

Welcome to Name That Island Round 5! Before we began, I want to take the time to congratulate those that have completed Round 4. Lets start by going over what the correct answers are for Round 4.

1. Pop Art Museum- Early Poptropica
2. Moptropica- Shrink Ray
4. Daggoo’s Fish Market- S.O.S
5. Juan's Celebrity Souvenirs- Back Lot
6. Ferry Market- Escape from Pelican Rock
7. Au That Jazz Cafe- Counterfeit
8. Museum- Game Show
9. Golden Harbor Bank- Skullduggery
10. Music Store- Red Dragon

Now to announce the winner. Congratulations Young Hippo, A.K.A Jersey Devil, for getting 9/10 correct!

Now for round 5! This round, I will be showing you 10 backgrounds.. Your job is to guess which island's background I have shown.

Don't forget to comment your Poptropica username if you want your poptropican featured if you win!
If you have trouble commenting, please DM me on Discord. Name: Hyper Gamer ID: 3770.

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


  1. Short Feather
    1. super villain
    2.crypyids? dragon
    4. sos
    5. poptropilis games
    6. counetrfeit
    7. home (hub)
    8. great pumpkin
    9. virus hunter?

  2. 1. Super Villain
    2. Cryptids
    3. Red Dragon Island
    4. Home Island
    5. Poptropolis
    6. Counterfeit
    7. Idk
    8. Great Pumpkin
    9. Game Show!!!
    10. Idk...errr, Nabooti, maybe?