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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Name That Island Round 4

Welcome to Name That Island Round 4! Before we began, I want to take the time to congratulate those that have completed Round 3. Lets start by going over what the correct answers are for Round 3. Below are the costumes you had to find match to islands.

Now, before we get to the winner, lets start by going over the answer.
  • Costume 1:
    • Hat from Wild West- From guy standing in front of the Dusty Gulch Hotel (common room).
    • Glasses from Home Island- From girl standing in front of the photo booth.
    • Shark Fin from Shark Tooth- From Shark Fins kiosk, gives you Shark Fin card.
    • Suit and Pants from Reality TV- From guy next to helicopter.
    • Laser Gun from Wimpy Boardwalk- From Laser Tag (common room).

  • Costume 2:
    • Hat from 24 Carrot- From guy standing in front of the gas station.
    • Glasses from Shrink Ray- From a guy. A randomized NPC standing in front of the school.
    • Camera from Home Island- From girl standing in front of the photo booth.
    • Shirt and Pants from Night Watch- From guy standing in line next to water cooler.
    • Pod from Lunar Colony- From boy standing next to Final Frontier Gift Shop (common room).

And the winner of Round 3 is... Short Feather! Congratulations Short Feather for getting 3/5 correct for costume 1 and for winning Name That Island two rounds in a row! Evidently, Short Feather was the only one who made a guess for round 3.

Now for round 4! This round, I will be giving you the names of buildings/companies. Your job is to guess which islands these buildings/companies reside.

1. Pop Art Museum
2. Moptropica
4.Daggoo’s Fish Market
5. Juan's Celebrity Souvenirs
6. Ferry Market
7. Au That Jazz Cafe
8. Museum
9. Golden Harbor Bank
10. Music Store

Don't forget to comment your Poptropica username if you want your poptropican featured if you win!
If you have trouble commenting, please DM me on Discord. Name: Hyper Gamer ID: 3770.
Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


  1. Short Feather
    1. early pop
    2. shrink ray
    3. astro knights
    4. sos
    6. monster carnival?
    7. counterfeit
    8. counterfeit
    9. skullduggery
    10. red dragon

  2. 1. Early Poptropica Island
    2. Shirk Ray Island
    3. AstroKnights
    4. ???
    6. ???
    7. Counterfeit
    8. Counterfeit
    9. Skullduggery
    10. Red Dragon

  3. Jersey Devil
    Username: YoungHippo
    Early Poptropica
    Shrink Ray
    Escape From Pelican Prison
    Red Dragon Island