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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poptropica The Lost Expedition and select Hyper Gamer's next costume!

Hi everyone! I am here to let you know that there is a new ad on Poptropica. It is for the second book in Poptropica's graphic novel series, The Lost Expedition. The first book is Mystery of the Map. This is just a billboard ad and does not come with any prizes.

If you click on the ad, it will take you to the Poptropica books page which has info on the books in Poptropica's graphic novel series as well as other Poptropica related books.

Also, it's time for your opinion! You get to select Hyper Gamer's next costume! Below is an poll of some costumes I have come up with, some you may have seen me wear and others you have not seen me wear. The costume with the most votes will be the costume that I wear next!

Below are two links. The first link is to the poll. The second link is to the poll results.

Also don't miss out on the chance to enter Name That Island Round 3Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

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