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Monday, August 1, 2016

Pete's Dragon

Hi everyone! I am here to let you know that there is a new ad on Poptropica. This is an ad for Disney's upcoming movie Pete's Dragon. When you enter the room, talk to Pete and you'll play a minigame. In this game you are trying to outrun Pete to find Elliot. When you reach the end, your poptropican will say that he see's Elliot up in the tress, but you don't actually see him. The game is over and you win your prizes. Press the (x) to leave that screen and you'll see an cut scene where Elliot flies.

The minigame gives two prizes: a  Elliot's Swishing Tail which is a customizable tail and a 
 Elliot's Flying Wings which is a customizable wing, but when you press space, your poptropican will fly around the screen. Kind of wished you could control the frying yourself, like flying with jet pack on Early Poptropica Island.

If you are having trouble with the minigame, below is a video tutorial of it!

Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer