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Monday, August 1, 2016

Name That Island Round 3

Welcome to Name That Island Round 3! Before we began, I want to take the time to congratulate those that have completed Round 2. Lets start by going over what the correct answers are for Round 2. Below are the items you had to find in Round 2.

Ready for the answer?

1. Night Watch
2. Shark Tooth
3. Early Poptropica
4. 24 Carrot
5. 24 Carrot
6. Monkey Wrench
7. Poptropicon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert
8. Galactic Hot Dog
9. Zomberry
10. Counterfeit

Now to determine the winner. We had a close one last round, but only one person that got all 10 correct. Congratulations Short Feather!

Surprisingly everyone else got 9/10 correct. Everybody else mistook the Poptropicon phone for the Night Watch phone.

Now for Round 3! Let's see how well you know Poptropica islands. This time we will be looking at costumes. Below are 2 costumes. Each costume consist of parts from 5 different islands. Can you name a part of the costume and which island it comes from?
Bonus: Can you name where from the island the costume part comes from?

Don't forget to comment your Poptropica username if you want your poptropican featured if you win!
*If you have trouble commenting, please DM me on Discord. Name: Hyper Gamer ID: 3770.*


  1. the hat n 1 is ww island the laser tag is from wimpy boardwalk the shark fin is from shark tooth and the tux I think is from spy