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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Welcome Video

Hi everyone. Today I noticed that Poptropica has a new welcome video. You can see it below. The one on the left is the old video and the one on the right is the new video.

We have been getting sneak peaks of the new video without knowing. The sneak peaks below are things that have been used in the new video. There could be more but that's all I found.

Now look at the banner for the video.

Why does the new video focus on Mythology Island, PoptropiCon Island, and Zomberry Island. Are these islands the most popular; are they the most important island in Poptropica, maybe in the new Poptropica?

The old video gives an overview of what you can do on Poptropica, from islands to competing with others to customizing. The old video gives new players a gimps of what you can do in Poptropica. The new Poptropica video gives a unclear look of what Poptropica really is. People who have never played Poptropica before, will wonder what these things are. What do you think of the new video. Post your thoughts in the comment below. Until next post everybody. 

 -Hyper Gamer


  1. I agree, but I have to say, the animation in the new video is awesome, maybe the New Pop will be like that?

    1. The animation is great! If New Pop was like that, that will be great! It won't be the 3D that everybody fears.