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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where's my medallion?

EDIT: Upon chat with Ylimegirl, when she looked into the code, the medellion placeholder was linked to the new SUI map, not an island. So maybe Crisis Caverns Island will exist after all?

For some mysterious reason, the medallion placer that was probably for Crisis Caverns Island is gone from the medallion page. Does this mean that Crisis Caverns is not going to happen or is it getting pushed back.

Maybe that medallion placeholder wasn't even for Crisis Caverns Island, but I highly doubt that. Did the creators release the medallion to tease us? Are the creators rethinking the idea of releasing the "underground island" that has already been thrown away once. Hope that's not the case and that the creators are actually going to release the island. Maybe Crisis Caverns Island is going to be a part of the new Poptropica and not a part of the current one. What do you think? Is the creators throwing the island away again? Is it getting pushed back? Post your thoughts below. Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

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