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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

PFZ Banner Art Contest

EDIT: Rules have been modified to be clearer. Edits are bolded.
Welcome! Since I started this blog last week, I have been debating on if I should be getting a banner for this blog instead of just using text for the title. What better way to make a banner then to allow you guys to have the opportunity to have your own poptropicans in it.

Please give a big thank you to Master Pinpey for agreeing to make the banner.

What is this contest?
For this contest, you are to draw your poptropican doing any activity you want. The top 5 submissions will be selected and your poptropicans will be added to the banner along with Master Pinpey's poptropican and my poptropican.

  • If you have multiple accounts, please only choose one.
  • You may only submit one entry
  • You can make an entry for a Poptropica OC.
  • Please draw the poptropican you want to be put on the banner. You may have additional poptropicans to accompany your artwork but please specify which poptropican you want on the banner.
  • Please email entries to, or you can note them to my deviantart at, Catepiller, PM me on discord at, Hyper Gamer, or post a link to it in the comments. You can also post them in other places to show off your art.
  • When submitting your entry, be sure to include a name you want to be credited by.

Also, don't forget that the Name That Island activity is still going on. Go and submit your guesses.

-Hyper Gamer


  1. I would love to be on there!
    but i don't want to give out my email.
    Is there any other way i can do it?

    1. If you have a DeviantArt account, you can note me your entry. My account is Catepiller. You can also upload your art to other sites and link to it in a comment.

    2. ...
      Don't have a DevianArt...
      OK, i'll put it soemwhere else. i will keep you posted.