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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

PFZ Banner Art Contest

EDIT: Rules have been modified to be clearer. Edits are bolded.
Welcome! Since I started this blog last week, I have been debating on if I should be getting a banner for this blog instead of just using text for the title. What better way to make a banner then to allow you guys to have the opportunity to have your own poptropicans in it.

Please give a big thank you to Master Pinpey for agreeing to make the banner.

What is this contest?
For this contest, you are to draw your poptropican doing any activity you want. The top 5 submissions will be selected and your poptropicans will be added to the banner along with Master Pinpey's poptropican and my poptropican.

  • If you have multiple accounts, please only choose one.
  • You may only submit one entry
  • You can make an entry for a Poptropica OC.
  • Please draw the poptropican you want to be put on the banner. You may have additional poptropicans to accompany your artwork but please specify which poptropican you want on the banner.
  • Please email entries to, or you can note them to my deviantart at, Catepiller, PM me on discord at, Hyper Gamer, or post a link to it in the comments. You can also post them in other places to show off your art.
  • When submitting your entry, be sure to include a name you want to be credited by.

Also, don't forget that the Name That Island activity is still going on. Go and submit your guesses.

-Hyper Gamer

Calling all Artists

EDIT: I have found someone willing to do the banner.

Hi everybody! I have decided to create a image banner for the blog. I have this idea where various user poptropicans are shown doing some sort of activity like sports, playing board game, etc. I was wondering if anybody will be willing to help me create the banner.

How this will work is that, I will host an art contest to select 5 poptropicans (OCs are welcome too) to be put on the banner along with my poptropican and the poptropican of whoever I pick to do the banner. This totals to 7 poptropicans on the banner.

If you are interested in making the banner, please comment below.

I will also be asking on the We Love Poptropica deviantart group.

-Hyper Gamer

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Name That Island

Welcome to Name That Island. Let's see how well you know Poptropica islands. Below I will have ten phrases. You have to guess which island each phrase is talking about. Ready? Post your answer in the comments along with your username or link to your characters avatar studio so I can put you in the Hall of Fame if you complete this. Good luck.

1. Carrots, lots and lots of carrots
2. Builds as you play
3. Has in game help
4. Robot takeover
5. I'm small
6. Balloon Boy
7. Speaking
8. Blimp Crash
9. Hook Bow Tie
10. I left, but now I'm back better then before

-Hyper Gamer

Where's my medallion?

EDIT: Upon chat with Ylimegirl, when she looked into the code, the medellion placeholder was linked to the new SUI map, not an island. So maybe Crisis Caverns Island will exist after all?

For some mysterious reason, the medallion placer that was probably for Crisis Caverns Island is gone from the medallion page. Does this mean that Crisis Caverns is not going to happen or is it getting pushed back.

Maybe that medallion placeholder wasn't even for Crisis Caverns Island, but I highly doubt that. Did the creators release the medallion to tease us? Are the creators rethinking the idea of releasing the "underground island" that has already been thrown away once. Hope that's not the case and that the creators are actually going to release the island. Maybe Crisis Caverns Island is going to be a part of the new Poptropica and not a part of the current one. What do you think? Is the creators throwing the island away again? Is it getting pushed back? Post your thoughts below. Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

Unity is coming to Poptropica

As you all have heard, Poptropica Creator posted on their twitter that the new Poptropica is changing from the engine Flash to Unity. While Flash is for 2D animation, Unity is for 3D animation. Also, Google Chrome doesn't support Unity. This will limit a lot of players that use Chrome.

I personally think this is an interesting change. I can't say it's totally a bad thing. While Chrome doesn't support Unity, there is the WebGL that allows Unity to work without plugins. If Poptropica decides to take this path, the Unity run Poptropica will be able to work on Chrome. Now it's just a matter of whether Poptropica will be converted from 2D to 3D. I personally disapprove of the change to 3D. 2D is one of the features that attracts many users to Poptropica. The 2D animation can give it that sort of cartoonish fell that will be hard with 3D. Well, as of right now, we can only wait for further news from the Creators. Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer

Monday, May 23, 2016

Today we kick off the Poptropica Fun Zone!

Welcome to the Poptropica Fun Zone. This blog was founded upon bringing you Poptropica related activities. We strive on bringing you fun activities and keeping you up to date on current Poptropica news. Hope to see more Poptropicans soon on this blog! For past Poptropica news, you can check out these wonderful blogs Poptropica Help Blog, Poptrickia, and Tall Cactus' Poptropica Blog. For island help, click the link in the header to visit Poptropica Help Blog's collection of island tutorial. (I don't really have the time to go create island tutorials for each island and why waste time if it already exists.)

-Hyper Gamer